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Related article: Date: Tue, 6 May 2008 07:51:22 -0700 From: SEAN HAMILTON Subject: Adventures of a Bisexual LifeMy name is Sean. I'm 19 YO and a sophomore at a major state university in the southeastern USA. I Naked Preteen Toplist work in an affluent suburb of Atlanta as a neighborhood pool manager (Life Guard, Swim Team Coach, Swimming Instructor). I swim for this university on scholarship but I'm not going to make it to the Olympics.I'm 6'3", 195 lbs. I have short blonde hair (from spending 3 hours a day in the pool). I have no tattoos and I've got a nice body. I've got 6 pack abs, no body fat to speak of and I'm in excellent physical condition. At this point in the story the author invariably states the dimensions of his enormous cock. Let's just say for now I'm above average. Not ashamed to walk around the locker room nude and that I've gotten a few raised eyebrows from the women I've slept with.I work in this neighborhood because I'm spending the summer living with my girlfriend whose Mom owns a house. It's a nice house with a pool and she gets to drive her Mom's BMW SUV. Her Mom is gone for 6 months touring Europe with her friends.My girlfriend's name is Amy and I'm the luckiest guy in the world. She plays soccer at the same university I attend. She's 5'6", 125 lbs. She has a nice 36C cup breasts and keeps her pussy nicely trimmed. She has a very strong sex drive and we've been dating for 5 months. During that time she's introduced me to anal sex (She loves it up the ass) and we've done a lot of experimentation. In high school my sex life was pretty tame. With Amy I've really gotten wild. She is bisexual and I've got to join her and another girl (A girl we met online) for a threesome. I was all I hoped it would be.She's pretty wild sexually and after our threesome she asked me if I was bisexual. Of course I said 'no'. After weeks of her pushing, I allowed her to play with my ass and after a few fingers, we graduated to one of her toys and she began giving me massive orgasms while fucking me with a dildo. She also watched me suck my own cock and convinced me to swallow my own load. This play progressed to my first experience with another guy. He was a guy my age that was in a sociology class with Amy. He was a hippy sort of guy and wasn't really into jocks. He had a few tattoos and was sort of scruffy. Swimmers are, if nothing else, clean. We hardly wear clothes and live in heavily chlorinated pools. His name was Bryan. Amy knew he was bisexual and convinced him to join us for my first time. We got together at Amy's off campus apartment. After some beers and pot Amy and Bryan began making out. I joined in with her and she alternated kissing us both. Then she got up and took off her clothes and lay between us playing with herself while we watched. She then fished my throbbing cock out of my pants while Bryan watched. She smiled up at him and offered him my throbbing cock. He sucked harder than Amy and took more of me into this mouth than she could. Sooner than I wanted I felt the birth of my orgasm and told them both. Amy was mesmerized by the sight and looked up at me with lust filled eyes. The evening progressed into a tangle of limbs as the three of us made passionate love into the early morning.This night of lust progressed into a full blown relationship. Bryan moved in with me and Amy in essence did too. Bryan and I quickly graduated from simple oral play to anal sex. He had a difficult time accommodating me but eventually learned to take all of me. I found his size perfect and loved the deep, hard, fucking he would give me. Honestly our grades suffered for a time as the newness of our relationship distracted us from course work. Mid term exams brought crashing back to reality as all three of us saw exam results far below those expected by our parents and ourselves.In the months that followed the mid term fiasco our sexual tripling slowed but never stopped. Instead we fell into a routine of sorts. Daily Bryan and I shared a blow job or a quick fuck. Just to get our rocks off. Amy's libido was strong but she neither craved nor participated in daily fucking. Instead Amy got off watching us boys fool around. She seemed most often content masturbating herself to orgasm while watching us. Don't get me wrong the three of us fooled around a lot it's just that Amy didn't fuck us both daily. More like 3-5 times a week!As the semester ended Bryan headed off to study abroad in Europe. I had made plans to spend the summer at home working at a large indoor aquatic center. The opportunity presented to me by Amy to spend the summer with her out of doors, was too much to pass up.It was late June, therefore, when my transformation began. It was Tuesday the day the pool is closed for maintenance. My swim team had practice and I had got in with the kids to show them racing starts. I was in the locker room taking a long hot shower when I felt I was being watched. Curious as to who would be watching me I tried to casually look in the direction of the opening to the shower room. Not seeing anything I was able to use the mirror I had hung up for shaving to see two small Naked Preteen Toplist heads peer around the wall. I recognized the faces as belonging to Jared (14YO) and Ian (12YO); two brothers who were on my team. Promising swimmers they were very popular kids and I'd never had any difficulty with them. I was by no means chummy either. I barely knew them outside the team. They had a single Mom who was quite attractive and who I'd noticed around the pool.I was struck by the fact that two, pre adolescent males were watching me shower. At first I feared they might have a girl with them. In an effort to 'catch them' red handed forcing a girl into the boys locker room, I maneuvered around the shower to the wall the boys were hiding behind. Conscious I was fully nude, I decided that if they wanted to look at me, fine, I'd give them a good look as I caught them.Once in position I turned the corner. There I found both boys, still clad in their Speedos standing against the wall giggling. Looking at the boys I couldn't help but notice they were both fully erect. A Speedo does little to hide the male atonomy. Upon seeing me, both boys covered their groins. Dripping wet and totally naked I am a full foot taller than either boy and a hundred pounds heavier. I could feel my cock swell slightly but not gaining full erection. Flaccid, my cock is 6" long and several inches thick and the boys looked down at it."What are you two doing?" I asked trying to sound upset but really more confused than mad. I'd also realized they were alone."Nothing, we were just going to shower." Jared, the older of the two said."Practice was over an hour ago. You both know that the pool is closed. What have you two been doing for an hour?" I asked.Both boys were still staring opening at my still flaccid cock."Did you two stick around just to watch me shower?" I said quietly."No!" Jared exclaimed. I had noticed their erections had appeared to die down. "We've just been horsing around out front and forgot to shower. That's all."My instinct took over at this point. Both boys had obviously been watching me shower and that apparently had been enough to give both boys full erections. Being bisexual, prone to kinky sex, and never thinking about their ages, I took a logical but dangerous step."You both had hardon's. Do you like what you see?" I said shocking myself. I couldn't believe I was actually asking this to two very young boys.Both boys looked at each. Perhaps silently asking each other how to respond. Their hands had dropped away from their crotches. No sign of their previous erections but their masculine packages were clearly visible. I could easily detect the outline of their cocks."It sure is big!" Ian cried out."Dummy, be quiet." His brother scolded him. "Like I said Coach, we're just here to shower.""Look guys. It's OK to be curious. It's even OK to get a stiffy. No big deal. I get a hard on all the time. Nothing to be embarrassed about." I said.Not believing I was capable of such perversion, I took a hold of my flaccid cock and began to pull on it. Instantly I felt myself growing erect."Would you guys like to see it hard?" I asked.The question was stupid. Of course they wanted to see it hard.Quickly it grew to its full 10" length. Hard and throbbing I pulled my hand away. 'Well, what do you think?" I asked.All pretense of their reason for being in the deserted men's locker room was gone. Both boys stared openly at my massive erection."It's huge." Jared said quietly."How big is it?" Ian asked with a lot more excitement."It's right at 10"." I said proudly.At this point both boys were once again erect. Inside their skimpy Speedos, I could clearly see their tented erections. Plugging ahead with my foray into adult/youth sex I added:"Looks like you guys are hard too. Could I see your cocks too?"Both boys seemed shocked back into reality. I was afraid for a moment they'd resist or flee. I was momentarily very afraid. Then to my relief:"Sure Coach. Come on Ian. Let's show him." Jared said pull down his Speedos.Jared exposed a very nice looking 5-6" cock with a well defined head. It was VERY hard and pulsed in concert with his heart beat. It was also leaking pre-cum. He had a nice tuft of pubic hair. Otherwise he was essentially hairless.Ian pulled his Speedos down exposing an equally hard and throbbing boycock of 4-5". Almost identical to his brothers but slightly smaller.The three of us stood their in the locker, naked, fully erect. I was unsure what to do next when I heard the distinctive sound of air breaks. I realized it was the foodservice truck making its routine delivery."Boys. We got to get dressed now!" I said alarmed.I grabbed my towel and dried quickly. My erection gone in an instant. I put on my shorts and moved to my locker where I kept my clothes. I was just finished dressing when from the pool side the delivery man called out announcing his presence.Focusing on the delivery truck, I didn't see Naked Preteen Toplist the boys dress or leave. Instead I spent the next few minutes taking care of the delivery. Once gone I looked around for the boys. I couldn't find them anywhere.I reluctantly went back to work and over the next several hours I did my weekly paperwork, recorded my water samples, cleaned the pool and supervised the grounds crew who cleaned the area around the pool and the parking lot and adjacent playground.About five hours later I finished for the day and had just locked up the gate when Jared and Ian rode up on their mountain bikes."Hi Coach. Done for the day?" Jared asked good naturedly.Surprised the boys had returned I was momentarily startled. "Yep, sure am. How are you guys doing?" I asked smiling."We're doing good. Where are you going now?" Ian asked excitedly. His enthusiastic comments earned an embarrassed stare from his older brother."Ian is always too excited. He's such a geek." Jared said."Am not! You said we should ask him what he's doing." The younger boy objected."Don't be so obvious." The older boy barked back.Knowing it was simple sibling rivalry I smiled. "It's OK guys. I'm heading to the house do you guys want to come over? It's not far." I said.My girlfriend was at work. She was working at a store at the mall and wouldn't be home till 9 PM. With her Mom out of the country, I had access to a 6,000 square foot home complete with an in-ground pool and in-ground whirlpool. I wasn't afraid of bringing home two guys, but two underage boys, I wasn't sure. I knew Amy was kinky but would she Naked Preteen Toplist draw the line with younger kids. I was 19 and knew that fooling around with two boys was wrong. I couldn't help myself however. My desire for them sexually outweighed my normal, rationale, understanding of right and wrong. Plus it was obvious both boys wanted to do something."Sure we'd like that. Where do you live?" Ian asked excitedly."I live on Magnolia Street."With that the boys rode their bikes as I drove ahead to the house in my Jeep.I got the house just fast enough to let the boys ring the bell while I was walking in from the garage."Nice house." The Jared said as he walked in. "You live here?" He asked."Sure, with my girlfriend. This is her Mom's house. Her Mom's in Europe for the summer. My girlfriend is at work." I replied."Is this your girlfriend?" Ian asked looking the numerous family photos lined up on the entry way table."Yep. Amy is her name. What do you think?" I said smiling."She's hot!" Both boys exclaimed together. "Do you two do it?" Ian asked. I now knew he was very open and spoke his mind."Shut up dummy. You don't ask people that question." Jared chastised his brother."It's OK Jared. Yes, Ian. Amy and I have sex all the time. We are boyfriend and girlfriend.""Coach, you got something to drink?" Jared said."Sure, but two things: One, please don't spill on the carpets and two, please call me Sean. I'm your Coach at practice. OK?" I said leading the boys into the huge modern kitchen.We all got sodas and went to the den where we all sat down. I was in a large overstuffed chair and the boys sat together on the couch. I was becoming aroused but didn't want to take things too fast."Can we see your dick again?" The ever precocious Ian asked."Do you guy like boys or girls best?" I asked. I wasn't sure the limits of this little fascination. Although aroused that morning at the pool I wasn't willing to take anything for granted neither did I want to push them into anything. I was frankly hoping for the boys to take the lead."What do you mean?" Jared asked."I mean sexually. You guys want to see my cock and this morning you were both hard looking at me. Are you two guys gay? There is nothing wrong with this I'm bisexual so I'm cool with doing stuff with guys." I said hoping to develop the situation a bit. I hoped my 'confession' would either stir things or put the issue to rest."What's it mean to be 'bisexual'?" Jared asked."That means I like boys and girls sexually. I have sex with both boys and girls." I said as matter of factually as I could."We do too!" exclaimed Ian excitedly."Shut up dummy! You aren't supposed to talk about that!" Jared replied angrily.I wanted to know more about what Ian meant but felt that pushing would ruin things. I decided to push ahead in a different way."Do you guys want to see me naked and hard?" I asked thinking honesty was the best policy and figuring the boys were indeed gay or bisexual."Sure if you want to." Jared said quietly.Ian nodded 'yes'With their obvious consent I rose and pulled down my shorts. My cock was partially erect but rose to its full length almost instantly. Hard and throbbing it pulsed before them a highly sexual symbol of male sexual power and my desire to be sexual with them.Both boys were staring at my erection. I dropped back to my chair and began to idly pull on my cock. Openly masturbating in front of the boys."You guys gonna get naked too?" I asked."Sure!" Ian exclaimed. He was naked in a moment and dropped on the couch naked and hard. His dimunitive cocklet hard and pulsing. He too instinctively grasped his cocklet and began to jerk himself. Jared was equally naked a few seconds later his 6" cock hard as a rock. He pulled on his cock looking at his brother and me smiling."What do you guys want to do now?" I asked hopefully."I don't know. We can jerk off if you want." Jared asked obviously wanting to do more."Do you ever suck on a guys cock?" Ian asked boldly.Before Jared could chastise his brother for another bold comment, I cut him off."Sure Ian, I've sucked a few cocks. I like it very much. Jared, you and your brother can ask me ANYTHING. I want to be your friend and you've got nothing to fear from me. I'm very open minded and nothing is off limits. OK?""Sure Coach...I mean Sean. It's just that we're not supposed to get sexual with other people." Jared replied sounding relieved."Who told you this?" I asked still stroking my cock."Well I'm not supposed to say." Jared said staring at my cock and my self pleasuring.While this was going on, Ian's jerking off intensified. His hand was going up and down on his cocklet as fast as he could."Can my brother and I talk for a minute alone?" Jared asked."Sure take your time." I replied. "I'm not going anywhere like this." I smiled. Both naked and fully erect boys moved back into the kitchen. I briefly worried they might be seen until I realized that Amy's back yard was very secluded and private.I couldn't hear what the boys were saying but in less than 5 minutes, which seemed much longer, the boys returned."We would like to fool Naked Preteen Toplist around with you Sean. Just please don't make us talk about other stuff. OK?" Jared said."Sure I understand. I'm curious to know what you guys are talking about but I'll respect your wishes." I replied. "Why don't you two join me on the couch?"Both boys quickly sat next to me their adolescent erections hard and throbbing. My own erection was straining. I was leaking pre-cum like crazy. I wasn't that much into pre-cum but this was a lot. More than I can recall producing previously.The three of us naturally began to masturbate. Despite the desperate desire to cum, I nonetheless felt I had the opportunity to turn this situation into a truly erotic event."What do you guys like to do?" I asked cautiously."We like to suck each other and sometimes." Ian said somewhat cautiously. His arousal was obvious but like me, he was afraid of coming on too strong not knowing how to proceed. It was a highly erotic and yet awkward situation."I'd love to suck your cock Ian, then I'd like to suck you to Jared. Is that OK?" I asked.Taking charge of the situation I kneeled on the floor, I took Ian's throbbing cock in my hands and grasped his hard shaft, jerking him off for a moment before I began to lick. I licked his piss slit and then the length of his shaft and even licked his hairless balls (a nice change from my previous experiences).Ian moaned in delight as I did this and his hips began to buck as I began to suck him. I sucked him hard taking his entire cock down my throat. His cock tasted wonderful. I looked over at Jared and he was watching me intently while pulling on his own cock. He then moved over to his brother and they Naked Preteen Toplist began to kiss passionately, open mouth, tongues entwined.I knew these two brothers were really into each other sexually and took that matter in stride and focused on bringing the boy to orgasm. Ian came quickly, too young to produce cum, he instead shook wildly and pounded his 4" cocklet in/out of my mouth. As his hips rose and fell, I had hard time keeping his cock in mouth. As his orgasm subsided, I felt something wet hitting my face. I pulled of Ian softening cock to Naked Preteen Toplist get a face full of Jared's thick, hot, cum. Unable to hold back, Jared had jerked himself off to a shattering orgasm which covered Ian's stomach and my face with strands of boy cum.Breathlessly Jared spoke: "Sorry Sean, I didn't mean to cum on you.""It's OK Jared." I replied. "I love it when a guy cum's on my face. It's so nasty."With that I sat between the two spent boys. Their boy cocks softening each second.My own 10" erection throbbed in excitement."Will you cum on our faces?" Ian asked excitedly while playing with his soft cock.I stood up and both boys willingly dropped to their knees as I began to jerk my cock over their upturned and smiling faces.I felt my orgasm growing quickly and knew that my own load would far surpass young Jared's. Since I was 13,I could shoot huge loads. My first sexual partners were amazed at how much I shoot.As I stroked my own cock, I shot a huge load over both boys faces. The sheer kink of the act of cumming on such young boys added to the intensity and volume of my orgasm. Coming off my orgasm, I looked down to see both boys faces literally covered in my cum.Jared was wiping a dot of cum from his eyelid while Ian was taking a dollop and putting it in his mouth. Now, momentarily free of my sexual lust, I realized these boys were not just engaging in harmless brother/brother experimentation, they were obviously very experienced sexually and had been exposed to some pretty raunchy stuff.As we all three sat back down on the couch, I Naked Preteen Toplist noticed both boys were fully erect."Wow! You shoot a lot!" Ian exclaimed."Yeah Sean, you shoot a ton!" Jared agreed."I've always shot a lot but I guess this one was special because of you two." I said still a little out of breath."Do you two do a lot of stuff together?" I asked.The boys, smiling, looked at each other, stroking their now fully recovered cocks. Jared spoke first. "Yeah we do but we told you before we can't talk about it.""I want to be fucked Jared. Would you fuck me Sean?" Ian said laying back on the couch, spreading his legs displaying his pink, puckered anus."Ian! Don't do that. Sean is too big for you and we're really not supposed to talk about THAT!" Jared said. Genuine alarm in his voice. Sensing Jared's alarms and Ian's arousal, I sought to allay both boys at once by exposing my own perversions."Look boys. I know there are things you think you can't tell but let me tell you that is NOT true. I'm a very nasty and kinky guy. My girlfriend and I live with a boy back in college. We suck and fuck each other all the time. Sometimes I swallow his cum and let him shoot his load in my ass. I would love to fuck you Ian but Jared is right, I'm too big. I can hardly fuck my boyfriend and he's 21 years old.""You two can tell me anything. No matter what. I'm not going to tell anyone anything. What we just did could get me into a lot of trouble. You both know that right?" I said seriously.Ian, the more precocious and wanton of the two brothers, stayed on his shamelessly pulling on his own cock while openly fingering his perfect pink anus. "I don't care who fucks me but I want a cock in my ass!" He said in a pouting boyish tone."Ian, sit up and stop that. It's time to go home. I can fuck you later." Jared said.Looking at me, Jared continued: "Look Sean, I'd love to let you in on our secret but a promise is a promise. Let me talk to my Mo...ooops I mean my 'friend' and they agree, we'll talk again. OK?""Sure Jared. I'd like that. I don't want to pressure you at all." I replied. "Do you two have to go?" I asked."Yeah, its dinner time." Jared said. "Come Ian let's get dressed."With that the boys dressed and I saw them out the back door watching as they road off their BMX bikes.I went back inside and took a shower and, naked, passed out on my bed.It was dusk when Amy Naked Preteen Toplist woke me up. "Whatcha been doin'?" she asked still dressed in her work clothes. "Jerking off?""Sort of." I replied. "I had some company this afternoon." I went on not knowing if Amy would be as into the young boys as me. We'd talked about each other's fantasies and she'd confessed one time to being sexual with a boy she baby sat. In addition she read stories on Nifty and they made her very wet."Oh really?" She said beginning to take off her clothes. "Do tell, what was her name?""It was a 'he'" I said. "Actually 'them',two guys." I said pulling on my hardening cock.Looking first at my erection and then at me Amy said: "Go on stud, you got fucked by two guys? Is your ass leaking or what?" She said not naked and climbing into bed beside me."Tell me who were they?" Amy asked opening her legs as she began to masturbate herself."It's pretty wild..." I told her everything during which time she, allaying all my fears, masturbated to an intense orgasm while I kneeled over and jerked off all over her. END Chapter 1. Please send me your comments, ideas, fantasies, etc... Don't hold back. Chapter Two will include my meeting the boys Mom and I will have sex with all three of them. In Chapter Three, Amy joins us and we have a hot orgy. Stay tuned... Jerk off and have fun.
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